Client module with server side parameters

25 April 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Few weeks ago I described how to extend Tools menu with additional Move to trash command. Trash button was displayed only for News pages. For all other page types button was not displayed. What if we need to show the button also on the Article type? We could add another hardcoded Page Type condition to dojo component. It will work but it sounds like a fragile solution. It would be better to store all supported types on the server and send serialized settings to the client module.
server available types (more…)

PropertyURL issue in EPiServer 7.19.2

15 April 2016 EPiServer No comments

A while ago my colleges did EPiServer migration from version 7.0 to 7.19.2. It’s an ASP.NET Web Forms based solution. The solution was tested and it looked like all features were working. But last week they find out a problem with URL property. All links in the editor had format “/Template/Pages/…”. The property was used only on one page that’s why the issue didn’t appear earlier.
broken URL selector

Additional Move to Trash command

12 April 2016 EPiServer No comments

In one of our project we have a News List page with the  limitation of one content type that could be created under. There are no subpages and containers structure so after a while a list become really huge. We decided to hide news list children and display the them in a different way. But then it was not possible to remove news, because “Move to trash” command is available only in page tree item context menu. I tried to add additional Move to Trash command under page tools menu.
Additional trash icon

Updated ContentArea with images

25 March 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Few months ago I prepared extended version of ContentArea property widget. Editors can use it to preview item thumbnail. In EPiServer 9 the ContentArea widget implementation changed so I updated extension to support the newest version. The UI is the same as before – each item displays content name and image thumbnail, to see larger image we need to click on the element.

ContentArea editor with image preview

Implementing Partial Router

18 March 2016 EPiServer No comments

In last project I had to prepare a custom Partial Router. The part of the site consists of news home page which contains news articles. But there is also additional container page used by editors to group content. The scenario was very simple – the container page shouldn’t be displayed in URL. (more…)

Available content types grid plugin

2 February 2016 Admin mode, EPiServer 3 comments

In large scale projects we usually define several content types. I some cases i did struggle with dozens. For most of the types we are allowed to create just few types of child pages. For example ArticleList could be a parent page for Articles and Articles Archive. (more…)

Creating Dojo widget in TypeScript

21 January 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 4 comments

Episerver edit mode use Dojo framework as a client side technology. When creating new custom property, gadget or command button we should use this JavaScript library to prepare user interface. To have static typing and class-based object-oriented programming I tried to create Dojo widget in TypeScript. In this article I will describe how to develop Alloy demo example StringList property in TypeScript. (more…)

Dashboard widget for Favourite contents

18 January 2016 EPiServer 4 comments

In my last article I described Editor’s Favourite contents functionality. The solution consisted of Add to Favourited button and Favourite Content grid widget. Both of those features were available in edit mode. When editor log in to CMS, he lands on Dashboard page. It could be an interesting feature if they could see the list of all their favourites there. I decided to further extend the functionality and prepared dashboard widget with readonly list of editor’s favourite contents. (more…)

Editor Favourite Contents

7 January 2016 EPiServer 3 comments

In one of our projects we have few hundreds pages managed by about thirty editors. They have access rights to all pages across the system and we don’t want to limit them. The number of content items is large, but each editor is responsible for updating just few pages related with the branch where he works. In the end most of the time they are working with same pages. To locate the content they have to expand few levels of site tree or find them using search functionality. It’s quite a lot of clicks. That’s why we prepared content shortcuts functionality – the Editor Favourite Contents. (more…)

PropertyList with images

22 December 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 4 comments

The PropertyList is the new property introduced in EPiServer 9. It allows to use generic list on content model. List item property could be described with the same attributes as regular model properties. For example if we annotate property with Display attribute and set name, then name will be used as grid column header and as a label on the edit form. If we set the UiHint, like StringList then editing form will use selected editor. (more…)