Month: August 2015

Resolving page URL

23 August 2015 EPiServer No comments

In one of our project I had to refactor a code responsible for generating XML feed. The feed contains information like title, description and URL.

There are three languages enabled for the site: English, Swedish and Norwegian. All pages was first created in English and some page translations are missing for Norwegian and Swedish. That’s why language fallback behavior is enabled. Missing translations should be displayed in English.


Using dojo topic.publish and topic.subscribe

18 August 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 3 comments

As we know EPiServer edit mode components, both built-in and custom, are implemented in a modular way. It means that they are isolated to each other. Yet when developing new features sometimes there is a need of creating dependencies between the widgets. It’s necessary when changing state of one widget should affect state of another one. For example when our component depends on current context. When editor selects a node from three structure the component should be notified about this event and take a proper action. (more…)