Month: July 2015

Content Selector property with preview

31 July 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 9 comments

I prepared a small improvement for Content Selector property. Standard property is a label displaying selected content name and a button used to selecting a content.
ContentSelector - property
After editor selects an item it’s hard to determinate the ID of the selected content. To do this you need to open the content tree dialog once again, hover over selected tree node and check the tool-tip value. You may copy ID, replace it in the browser URL and edit the page… It’s really time consuming. (more…)

How to extend CheckboxList

10 July 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

A while ago I saw a forum question about how to Enable/Disable SelectItem in SelectionFactory. I thought that it could be interesting to describe how to implement it. (more…)

Localizable media assets

6 July 2015 EPiServer 4 comments

My colleague got a task to create a way of localizing file metadata. The requirements were to be as close to regular page translations that come out of the box. Unfortunately EPiServer does not support this kind of functionality yet so he needed to code it himself.