Month: March 2022

External Links gadget for CMS 12

16 March 2022 EPiServer No comments

In CMS 11, Editors could use External Links dashboard gadget that provided an overview of all external links used on site. This is not very common functionality, but I this that it can be usedeful for certain group of Editors. For CMS 12 the Dashboard is no longer available, so I decided to create similar addon for the new CMS.
External links CMS 11

Updated hide tabs and properties in edit mode

14 March 2022 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

A while ago I implemented a HideTabs addon that allows to hide tabs and properties in edit mode.

Hide tabs and properties in edit mode

I converted it to .NET Core version and now it can be used in CMS 12.

Nuget package can be downloaded from

The source code is available on github.