Month: October 2015

Compare properties with markup

23 October 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 8 comments

Our customer editors very often use Compare Versions functionality. The CMS has workflows enabled, so when editor change the content, he need to mark it as Ready to publish. Then one of the supervisor using Tasks list gadget will approve or reject the changes. There are many editors and just few supervisors. They daily have a lot of items to approve. And usually those are really minor changes like single word, comma or typo was corrected. (more…)

Increasing the drop area for ContentArea

11 October 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 4 comments

Our customer editors complained that they have problems with using drag and drop functionality of ContentArea. They quite often use Remote Desktop connection to access the edit mode. The placeholder for ContentArea dragged element is relatively small. With the combination of RDP display lags makes using this feature difficult.

ContentArea drag and drop small area (more…)

Reindexing soft links

6 October 2015 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

For one of our customer websites we developed new features, but also get rid of some unused functionality. During the implementation we had to change some properties types and move them into different models. We didn’t want to create drafts for published pages, so for saving content we used GetForceCurrentVersionSaveAction extension method.