Month: June 2015

Increasing command timeout of EpiDeploy

22 June 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer migration 3 comments

Last week I started updating EPiServer platform to version 8. The nuget packages were installed without problems, but the update-EPiDatabase powershell command failed because of SQL execution timeout. I was able to run all SQL script via SQL Management Studio. And I did it, but on my local machine only. Of course, I had to upgrade EPiServer database on other developers computers, test, staging and production servers. I was thinking about how to inject custom command with increased timeout. (more…)

Displaying related content in edit mode

17 June 2015 EPiServer 13 comments

Few editors asked us if there is a possibility to display list of all content (both block and pages) referenced by currently edited page. I’ve looked in the edit mode Tools menu, Publish menu and context menu actions. The only place where I found this functionality was “Move to trash” command. When editor is removing the page the confirmation dialog will list all references to deleted page. (more…)

How to prevent from rewritting internal links

1 June 2015 EPiServer 2 comments

I prepared an image gallery which could be used with several page type models and provides images collection. The gallery is based on Javascript plugin. Gallery images are not rendered directly on the page. They are loaded on demand by the plugin. That’s why I need another version for crawlers where all images are available when the page is loaded. (more…)