When building a menu you would probably build it based on the page tree structure, where each menu item would be a regular link to a page.

However, sometimes you would like one of the links to point to another page, a media file or an external site. Here comes the Shortcut functionality which allows you to do just that.

Content Selector for media - menu

Unfortunately in the current EPiServer version (10.8.0) it’s not possible to select a media file using the default Content Selector. The URL has to be set manually as an external URL.

Content Selector for media - ContentSelector

For now, until it’s not implemented in the EPiServer itself you can use this simple workaround:

I prepared a custom EditorDescriptor that adds MediaData to the AllowedTypes collection. The target class for the EditorDescriptor (ShortcutBlock) is internal, so the editor has to be registered manually.

After running the site and opening the Content Selector, the editor is now able to select a media file.

Content Selector for media - fixed ContentSelector