Month: April 2023

Image preview

30 April 2023 EPiServer No comments

In one of my recent articles I described the Media Report admin mode plugin. Today I will also continue media topic, but this time I will focus on Edit Mode. Sometimes site contain a lot of similar iamges. When adding an image to an image property or the a Content Area it’s difficult to determinate which content to select based on the small thumbnail and a name that may not be descriptive. The Editor has to open the image to see the full version, but by doing so he loses the context of the page he is editing. That’s why I prepared Image Preview nuget package. This is a small extension to Assets Pane that allows Editor to see a preview of an image, without having to change the context.
image preview

Content Area default display options

21 April 2023 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Content Area property items allows to select Display Options. Display options let Editor specify how item should be renderred in the view mode. When adding content to a Content Area, we usually know which display option will be the best choice based on content type. For example our ButtonBlock will be best displayed as Narrow while Editorial block as Wide. That’s why I prepared a small javascript snippet to set Content Area default display options.

Content Area default display options overview

Media report

13 April 2023 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

I recently prepared a plugin for Admin Mode that shows a list of all Content Media available on the system. The media report displays a list with useful statistics about the files and allows to sort and filter the results.
Media report plugin overview