Admin mode

Media report

13 April 2023 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

I recently prepared a plugin for Admin Mode that shows a list of all Content Media available on the system. The media report displays a list with useful statistics about the files and allows to sort and filter the results.
Media report plugin overview

Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode

21 February 2019 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

Some Episerver websites has many categories configured. For Editors it’s easier when categories are sorted alphabetically. It’s possible to change category order in admin mode, but this requires to click “up” or “down” button few times. For this scenario you can use small code snippet with a plugin for sorting categories. It will add “Sort all” button on the categories view that sorts all categories alphabetically.
Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode (more…)

Available content types grid plugin

2 February 2016 Admin mode, EPiServer 3 comments

In large scale projects we usually define several content types. I some cases i did struggle with dozens. For most of the types we are allowed to create just few types of child pages. For example ArticleList could be a parent page for Articles and Articles Archive. (more…)

Reindexing soft links

6 October 2015 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

For one of our customer websites we developed new features, but also get rid of some unused functionality. During the implementation we had to change some properties types and move them into different models. We didn’t want to create drafts for published pages, so for saving content we used GetForceCurrentVersionSaveAction extension method.


EPiServer Search diagnostic tool

11 September 2015 Admin mode, EPiServer 2 comments

EPiServer Search is integrated with CMS build-in search feature. It’s a very useful functionality that allows users find any content across whole website.

For many times I saw several forum threads and blog posts about solving the problems related to the installation of this service. In recent projects in which I was involved we faced some problems regarding empty results. (more…)

How to reset views for all users

24 April 2015 Admin mode, EPiServer, EPiServer migration 1 comment

The editors in my current project use gadgets a lot; both built-in and the custom ones developed by us. Those gadgets can be placed anywhere on the screen.

After we updated our EPiServer version to 7.19 and additionally updated .NET framework to 4.5 some gadgets simply disappeared or started to display incorrectly.