Month: June 2016

Deleting single file from trash

23 June 2016 EPiServer 7 comments

There are many situations when the solution works on Development and Test environments, but there are some problems with Production. Few times I had to create test page, check how system behaves and then delete the page. There is no Permanent Delete option for single content, so I had to empty whole trash or leave the test page. That’s why I tried to prepare functionality of deleting single file from trash.
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Adding random items to ContentArea

15 June 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

In one of our projects we have News page type. It has a “see more” section with links to other news pages. When editor is creating New page, he adds few articles to “see more” section. In some situations he would like to pick few random pages. I extended ContentArea with adding random items functionality.
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ContentArea with fake items

7 June 2016 EPiServer No comments

In this article I will continue implementing page preview in ContentArea. I already have custom view which renders current page in ContentArea. The item could look better when it’s surrounded by two fake items. It will give the feeling of how the page will look like together with other elements. That’s why I decided to prepare ContentArea with fake items.
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Rendering current page in ContentArea

4 June 2016 EPiServer No comments

In previous article I started preparing custom iframe view. For the news page I displayed teaser text. In this post I will describe how to render current page in ContentArea.
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