Month: December 2015

PropertyList with images

22 December 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 4 comments

The PropertyList is the new property introduced in EPiServer 9. It allows to use generic list on content model. List item property could be described with the same attributes as regular model properties. For example if we annotate property with Display attribute and set name, then name will be used as grid column header and as a label on the edit form. If we set the UiHint, like StringList then editing form will use selected editor. (more…)

Page & Asset trees synchronization

18 December 2015 EPiServer No comments

Page tree and Asset tree are kept separate and that’s definitely a good thing. It’s totally up to the editor on how to structure both pages and folders.

However in big sites that may soon become problematic simply because pages are strictly dependant on the files that are displayed in its body. It’s very important to make the files easy to find and reuse later on. (more…)

SEO friendly list using KnockouJs

12 December 2015 EPiServer No comments

In many scenarios we need to display page children as a list. Usually the list is not just a static HTML. It has to support additional features like sorting, filtering or switching between different item layouts. (more…)

Changing root for Content References property

4 December 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

EPiServer has a builtin Content References list property which is used to collect list of pages, blocks, or media. To add new reference, editor could D&D content or click Browse. Clicking Browse button will show dialog with content tree. (more…)