Month: January 2016

Creating Dojo widget in TypeScript

21 January 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 4 comments

Episerver edit mode use Dojo framework as a client side technology. When creating new custom property, gadget or command button we should use this JavaScript library to prepare user interface. To have static typing and class-based object-oriented programming I tried to create Dojo widget in TypeScript. In this article I will describe how to develop Alloy demo example StringList property in TypeScript. (more…)

Dashboard widget for Favourite contents

18 January 2016 EPiServer 4 comments

In my last article I described Editor’s Favourite contents functionality. The solution consisted of Add to Favourited button and Favourite Content grid widget. Both of those features were available in edit mode. When editor log in to CMS, he lands on Dashboard page. It could be an interesting feature if they could see the list of all their favourites there. I decided to further extend the functionality and prepared dashboard widget with readonly list of editor’s favourite contents. (more…)

Editor Favourite Contents

7 January 2016 EPiServer 3 comments

In one of our projects we have few hundreds pages managed by about thirty editors. They have access rights to all pages across the system and we don’t want to limit them. The number of content items is large, but each editor is responsible for updating just few pages related with the branch where he works. In the end most of the time they are working with same pages. To locate the content they have to expand few levels of site tree or find them using search functionality. It’s quite a lot of clicks. That’s why we prepared content shortcuts functionality – the Editor Favourite Contents. (more…)