Month: February 2024

ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements – support for video tag

19 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

In my previous post I showed Full Width for TinyMCE. In this article I will describe another feature for ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements addon, supporting video tag.

ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements video tag

Enhancements for TinyMCE – Full WidthTinyMCE

12 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

Recently I introduced TinyMceEnhancements addon for Optimizely TinyMCE integration. Today I’d like to introduce another enhancement Full Width TinyMCE.
TinyMceEnhancements full width

Enhancements for TinyMCE – TinyMceEnhancements plugin

2 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

In this article I’d like to describe my new plugin for TinyMCE integration. The TinyMceEnhancements addon contains set of improvements for Optimizely TinyMCE integration. It focus on features related with images used in the HTML editor. Using this plugin you can modify the attributes of images, limit the size and set ALT text.