Month: April 2016

How to convert VersionStatus to string

28 April 2016 EPiServer No comments

I one of our projects I had to list pages and show their properties like page name, author, publish date and version status. VersionStatus property is enum type. It would be better to display “Scheduled for Publish” instead of DelayedPublish text. (more…)

Client module with server side parameters

25 April 2016 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Few weeks ago I described how to extend Tools menu with additional Move to trash command. Trash button was displayed only for News pages. For all other page types button was not displayed. What if we need to show the button also on the Article type? We could add another hardcoded Page Type condition to dojo component. It will work but it sounds like a fragile solution. It would be better to store all supported types on the server and send serialized settings to the client module.
server available types (more…)

PropertyURL issue in EPiServer 7.19.2

15 April 2016 EPiServer No comments

A while ago my colleges did EPiServer migration from version 7.0 to 7.19.2. It’s an ASP.NET Web Forms based solution. The solution was tested and it looked like all features were working. But last week they find out a problem with URL property. All links in the editor had format “/Template/Pages/…”. The property was used only on one page that’s why the issue didn’t appear earlier.
broken URL selector

Additional Move to Trash command

12 April 2016 EPiServer No comments

In one of our project we have a News List page with the  limitation of one content type that could be created under. There are no subpages and containers structure so after a while a list become really huge. We decided to hide news list children and display the them in a different way. But then it was not possible to remove news, because “Move to trash” command is available only in page tree item context menu. I tried to add additional Move to Trash command under page tools menu.
Additional trash icon