Month: November 2015

Sort order of module dependencies

25 November 2015 EPiServer 1 comment

EPierver has build-in initialization mechanism implemented with Initialization Modules. It’s used to initialize internal code as well as custom functionalities. All classes marked with InitializableModule attribute that implements IInitializableModule interface will be used to setup CMS. (more…)

How to show Allowed types on Content Area

16 November 2015 EPiServer, EPiServer properties 2 comments

ContentArea property has builtin functionality of limiting content types that could be used in the editor. It’s implemented with AllowedTypes attribute. The attribute should be placed on the model and list all of available types. (more…)

Show additional properties on content creation

6 November 2015 EPiServer 1 comment

All model properties annotated with Required attribute will be displayed on the Content Create view. Sometimes we would like show some additional properties when creating new content. For example we have a boolean property “Show article on Start Page”. It’s not mandatory to mark it, but it’s could be a useful feature for editor if he could select it when adding new article. (more…)

Compare page versions with markup

2 November 2015 EPiServer 3 comments

In my previous post I described extended “All properties” content compare mode. Now I’d like to show “Compare with markup” view. It allows editor to visually check the differences between two pages. The compare page versions with markup view is similar to previous solution, but instead of comparing data on property level, whole HTML is compared.

compare with markup mode