Advanced Compare Mode

30 October 2019 EPiServer, General No comments

Episerver Content Area properties give a lot of flexibility when creating content. Instead of editing “static” page properties, Editor can create different types of blocks and control which information will be visible on the site. With the new EPiServer.Labs.BlockEnhancements package it is even easier to work with this kind of dynamic pages. However, this has a side effect which is so-called “Start page history problem“.

Download folder with assets as ZIP

4 October 2019 EPiServer No comments

I prepared small extension for assets component. It allows Editors to download folder that contains assets as a single ZIP file.

assets download

Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode

21 February 2019 Admin mode, EPiServer No comments

Some Episerver websites has many categories configured. For Editors it’s easier when categories are sorted alphabetically. It’s possible to change category order in admin mode, but this requires to click “up” or “down” button few times. For this scenario you can use small code snippet with a plugin for sorting categories. It will add “Sort all” button on the categories view that sorts all categories alphabetically.
Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode (more…)

Media gallery

23 November 2018 EPiServer No comments

In my previous article I described improved image property (which is now a built in functionality of Episerver). Today I’d like to continue topic related with assets and show you media gallery. This is an extension for media component which is available on the right side of the edit mode. Using this feature Editor would be able to see more images comparing to standard list view.
media gallery

Image property with media component

2 October 2018 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

In this article I’d like to show a custom implementation of image property. There are already few blog posts and code snippets about improved image editor, but most of them focus on showing thumbnail for selected image. In my code I refactored image selection dialog and replaced content tree with media component. It can be useful for Editors, because media component has many features that can improve their work.
image property

View on website in new window

20 September 2018 EPiServer No comments

Today I’d like to show very small extension that can be useful for some editors. In edit mode, when clicking “view on website”, the page is opened in same window. Of course using quick navigation button Editors can go back to the same edit place, but for some people this behavior can be annoying. I prepared few lines of code, that allows to open pages in new window.
view on website

D&D local blocks

6 September 2018 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

In one of my previous articles I showed a small improvement for Editors. They could create a page shortcut using D&D from page tree. This time I’d like to show another feature related with D&D. I implemented functionality of populating local blocks properties from shared block instance. Editor can drop shared block on the local block to copy all properties.
D&D for local blocks preview

Fixed gadgets

13 August 2018 EPiServer No comments

Episerver gives a flexible way of adding and rearranging gadgets in edit mode. Editors can select which gadgets should be displayed, change their position and size. But for some editing scenarios we would like to force specific gadgets to be displayed for all editors and behave similar to the “Page tree”. Those fixed gadgets should should be added automatically when Editor logs-in to the edit mode and it should not be possible to remove them. I prepared a small snippet that allow you to make this work.

Grouping properties using header

3 April 2018 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

There are few ways for grouping properties in edit mode. You could place properties that should be grouped in a separate tabs. Another option is to define new block type that contains related properties and use the block on page. But when you don’t want to have too many tabs or block types you could try to use my custom implementation. In this article I will show functionality of grouping properties using header.
Grouping properties using header

Hide tabs and properties in edit mode

28 March 2018 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Today I’d like to show you a new extension that allows to programmatically hide tabs and properties in edit mode. Using this feature, the editor won’t see the unused controls when working with content.
Hide tabs and properties in edit mode