In CMS 11, Editors could use External Links dashboard gadget that provided an overview of all external links used on site. This is not very common functionality, but I this that it can be usedeful for certain group of Editors. For CMS 12 the Dashboard is no longer available, so I decided to create similar addon for the new CMS.
External links CMS 11

The old gadget was fairly simple. It allowed either the full URL to be displayed for each external link or the number of occurrences grouped by external links.

New addon

Since I couldn’t use Dashboard module in CMS 12, I created an Edit Mode gadget that displays a list of links.
External links gadget

Gadget has it’s own menu with few options:

  • Show view displays custom view with detailed information
  • Refresh refresh the list
  • Export export all links to file using CSV format

External links gadget commands

Custom View

Custom view displays more information than the gadget. The detailed list additionally shows language and publish date
External links detailed view

while aggregated list shows content grouped by external links

External links view
Links are clickable


To use the plugin you nedd to add AddExtendedExternalLinks extension method in Startup.cs:

Plugin is available as nuget package.