ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements – support for video tag

19 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

In my previous post I showed Full Width for TinyMCE. In this article I will describe another feature for ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements addon, supporting video tag.

ExtendedCms.TinyMceEnhancements video tag

Enhancements for TinyMCE – Full WidthTinyMCE

12 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

Recently I introduced TinyMceEnhancements addon for Optimizely TinyMCE integration. Today I’d like to introduce another enhancement Full Width TinyMCE.
TinyMceEnhancements full width

Enhancements for TinyMCE – TinyMceEnhancements plugin

2 February 2024 EPiServer No comments

In this article I’d like to describe my new plugin for TinyMCE integration. The TinyMceEnhancements addon contains set of improvements for Optimizely TinyMCE integration. It focus on features related with images used in the HTML editor. Using this plugin you can modify the attributes of images, limit the size and set ALT text.


Copying inline blocks when translating pages

13 December 2023 EPiServer No comments

A few versions ago, Optimizely CMS added inline blocks functionality. This is a very useful feature which enables the Editor to create dynamic pages using ContentArea. The publishing cycle of blocks is related to the page on which they are used, so editing has become very easy. In this article, I wanted to describe a small improvement that makes it easier to work with language versions. Extension allows copying inline blocks when translating pages.

Copying inline blocks when translating pages

Date property editor

9 December 2023 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

The Optimizely CMS has built-in DateTime property. When editing, the Editor selects both the date and the time. Sometimes we would like to configure only the date selection, e.g. for calendar events, employee-related dates, article release date etc. Therefore, I have prepared a simple date property editor.

Date property

Update related content

8 December 2023 EPiServer No comments

In this article, I will show simple code that allow to replace linked content with other content selected by the Editor. When deleting content whose references are used by other content, the Editor is shown a dialog box with a list of references. The Editor has the option to visit the page or block where the deleted content is used. However, it would be much more convenient to be able to replace the deleted content with another content selected from the list of pages.

Update content refrences

Extended SelectionFactory

7 June 2023 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

In one of my previous articles I described new Color Picker widget. Today I’d like to show another simple property. I prepared extended version of the SelectOneAttribute. This extensions allows developers to configure SelectionFactory, that returns items with icons and CSS classess. This allows us to visually emphasize the importance of values in the list, for example, by giving a different background color or icon. I haven’t prepared nuget package, because there are just few files that have to be copied to the solution.

Extended SelectionFactory

Content Bulk Edit

5 June 2023 EPiServer No comments

Bulk Edit is a plugin that allows to make changes to more than one Content at the same time. This can save time by simultaneously updating multiple properties that share the same information. This can be useful when a new property has been added to a ContentType and a default value needs to be assigned, or for making periodic (e.g. monthly) updates to the property.


Image preview

30 April 2023 EPiServer No comments

In one of my recent articles I described the Media Report admin mode plugin. Today I will also continue media topic, but this time I will focus on Edit Mode. Sometimes site contain a lot of similar iamges. When adding an image to an image property or the a Content Area it’s difficult to determinate which content to select based on the small thumbnail and a name that may not be descriptive. The Editor has to open the image to see the full version, but by doing so he loses the context of the page he is editing. That’s why I prepared Image Preview nuget package. This is a small extension to Assets Pane that allows Editor to see a preview of an image, without having to change the context.
image preview

Content Area default display options

21 April 2023 EPiServer, EPiServer properties No comments

Content Area property items allows to select Display Options. Display options let Editor specify how item should be renderred in the view mode. When adding content to a Content Area, we usually know which display option will be the best choice based on content type. For example our ButtonBlock will be best displayed as Narrow while Editorial block as Wide. That’s why I prepared a small javascript snippet to set Content Area default display options.

Content Area default display options overview